2016 Olympic Games

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An Event Like None Other

For the first time ever, all eyes will turn to Brazil and Rio de Janeiro for the the biggest sporting event on the planet - the 2016 Olympic Games. ESPN Brasil is proud to broadcast the most watched and followed event in the world.


Follow Brazilian athletes and other international stars from over 200 countries around the world as they compete on the biggest stage of them all. ESPN will be presenting all the stories - from underdog surprises to thrilling winning moments - on all multimedia platforms.


Led by the award winning journalist João Palomino, the ESPN team consists of more than 100 experts to provide the best live and "Game Around the Game" coverage and analysis of the event.

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This 17 day event in Rio de Janeiro will feature more than 10,500 athletes in 206 medal-winning events.

Inside the Numbers

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Golf, Rugby, Badminton, and Trampoline will be new additions to the roster of sports played



Given out during the 2016 Olympic Games


Aug 5 - Aug 21, 2016


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