2018 Champions League Final Watch Party


Promote the Heineken UCL watch party through the Heineken Ambassadors campaign.

This ESPN campaign ran successfully the past two years.



ESPN broadcasted the show Futebol no Mundo live from the Heineken event, with the participation of the brand’s Ambassadors Fabio Luciano and Amoroso, former UCL players. We also featured an interview with Ronaldinho Gaucho, special guest at the event. Besides that, we built a strong around the game strategy, with social media posts, Facebook lives and a special segment on SportsCenter.


-1 Facebook Live Steam: showing the Heineken Ambassadors on their way to the party

-1 special segment on SC promoting the event

-1 live show from the event with special interviews and pre and post-game coverage

-1 Facebook Live Stream: Analyzing the match results

-Instagram stories with the Heineken Ambassadors promoting the #HeinekenHakka challenge

Key Statistics

Ratings of the show increased 33%

Reach of the show grew 110%

Facebook lives reached 68k fans

366k people reached by social media posts

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