ESPN Luck Index: Powered by Intel


The ESPN Luck Index powered by Intel created excitement, intrigue and debate, capturing the imagination of football fans across the UK, and put ESPN and sponsor Intel at the center of the sports news agenda just days before the start of the 18/19 Premier League season.




It set out to answer a simple question – how much does luck affect elite football? Discovering the answer was far from simple, and the results were incredibly interesting.


Experts at the University of Bath were enlisted to analyze` every Premier League match from the 2017/18 Premier League season, and then create a mathematical model to predict the outcome of games without lucky incidents.



The campaign produced more than 150 pieces of media coverage. The activity transcended sports media, appearing as the top story of, and was covered by outlets as varied as Forbes and SportBible.


A beautifully designed microsite hosted the results, top stories and detail behind the research. Geo-targeted online ads used club-specific headlines depending on the browser’s location. Humorous, large-scale digital out of home advertisements outside key Premier League stadia featured bespoke copy reflecting the research’s results

Key Stats

43.6 M

Total Reach

+ 39%

Awareness of Intel 8th Generation Processor increased by 39% among those who saw Luck Index


Perception of Intel as an innovative brand increased by 11.6%


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