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Dodge Super Bowl from The World of ESPN on Vimeo.


Connect NFL fans with Dodge across sports stories, ESPN's creative power, and its unique brand identity.


Dodge partnered with ESPN to align itself with the 2015 debut of NFL Live. Dodge positioned itself as the automobile that connects fans with ESPN and NFL with special features on Monday Night and Sunday Night.


The message was amplified using a multimedia campaign, that gave fans a chance to win a live-experience, meeting ESPN NFL talent at Super Bowl 50.


  • :10 spots at the beginning of the program where ESPN talent showcased the Dodge Charge and Durango, as well as 3 additional features
  • MNF Half Time sponsorship featuring a Dodge animation during each touchdown, as well as Digital and Social integrations such as "The Blitz" features on
  • During the week of Super Bowl 50, ESPN & Dodge presented the "Road to the Super Bowl," where the winners of a Dodge consumer promotion took a road trip to San Francisco, where they had the chance to witness the final alongside ESPN talent

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