Samsung- SportsCenter

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Create awareness around Samsung's premium cell phones and all of their unique features.


A multiplatorm campaign centered around 3 properties: SportsCenter, Monday Night Football and the Tennis Grand Slams, connecting with Mexico's affluent sports fans.

Having Year Round Ownership of the 9PM SportsCenter, which included innovative integrations beyond the show's traditional sponsorship opportunities, Samsung was engrained into ESPN's DNA.



-Presenting Sponsorship

-Top & Not Top Ten Features

-Re Joins With Logo Integration

-Rundown Product Integrations

-In-Content Cinematic Vignette With ESPN Talent Sergio Dipp

-On Digitial & Social Platforms, Custom Features Such As: "Lo Mejor Del Dia" Were Produced

-ESPN Talent Sergio Dipp Served As Samsung's Ambassador During The S8 Cellphone Launch, Showcasing The Different Features Of The S8 That Help Him Perform His Daily Duties As An ESPN Anchor


Monday Night Football:

Samsung Was The Presenting Sponsor Of Monday Night Football in Mexico, where ESPN Is The Exclusive Broadcaster.


Tennis Grand Slams:

ESPN Produced Four 15" Co-Branded Promo's, Creating An Association Between The Tournaments And The Characteristics Of The S8 Cellphone.

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