World Cup Viewing Party (Argentina)

LA SEDE and ESPN - 2014 FIFA World Cup from The World of ESPN on Vimeo.


To bring ESPN closer to the public and to its clients during the FIFA World Cup.


To associate ESPN as “The World Headquarters for Football” (despite not having broadcasting rights to the event)


To build loyalty with our clients through marketing activations in “LA SEDE” (HQ).


A on-site partnership with LA SEDE (HQ) to create a World Cup viewing party.


Promotion about LA SEDE (HQ) on ESPN TV channels


Live feeds of the events on ESPN programs (TV and Radio)


Promotion on ESPN social media pages


Information related to the World Cup on SportsCenter was displayed on giant screens located outside of the building


Despite not having TV rights to the matches, ESPN and LA SEDE were able to create an event for viewing the World Cup that generated a wide variety of content from the location. Fans interacted with ESPN and LA SEDE through ESPN's various platforms - online, TV, social media, and radio).


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